What our customers have to say about us

“Authentic Chinese Acupuncture! I have been a patient of Dr. Cai since 2007. She has used acupuncture, herbs, manually/electro acupuncture, and cupping on my body. Along with diet programs to nourish my body immune system. Many times acupuncture has eliminate an illness in my body which has prevented me from taking western medicines (drugs). This healing philosophy is a natural way the body can heal itself. She is wise, understanding, caring, and listens to your needs.
Dr. Cai’s has cared for my family and friends for years with excellent service. She is a true holistic doctor, and a blessing!
Pros: excellent experience/ Cons: none”

Margaret R., Danville, CA

“My family and I have been going to see Dr. Cai and staff for 15+ years. You couldn’t be in better hands. Originally my husband was introduced to their practice by a co-worker. He had developed alopecia on his head. Natural medicine beats cortisone shots any day. Dr. Cai took care of it. A few year later it was my turn. I’m a runner and my sciatic never had flared up, Dr. Cai took care of it. People the bruising from the cupping is normal and temporary. The results out way the funny looks you might get. It makes for a good story. A few years after that my daughter went in for long lasting headaches and TMJ, you know it Dr. Cai took care of her as well. Lastly, my youngest at the young age of 13 was diagnosed with depression. Dr Cai along side western medicine and family therapy got us through that very rough patch as well. Try it you’ll LOVE IT!”
Kathy S., Concord, CA

“I have been to a few acupuncture places, but I actually received relief from my treatments here. I was referred by someone who has gone here for 12 years. I have had nothing but good experiences. They really care about you and it shows. Dr. Cai is so kind and gentle. She took in depth notes of my history and symptoms. I was a bit scared at first with the thought of the needles, but I never felt a thing…honestly. She was so caring and provided a great treatment plan for me. I was in a lot of pain and I felt relief after my first treatment! I am very thankful to Dr. Cai! I recommend her to everyone I know that needs pain relief.
Suzanne R., Walnut Creek

“I’ve been going to Kang Fu since 2002. I had tendonitis on top of my foot and couldn’t walk very well. It only took one visit to get the swelling down and on the path to recovery. I have since gone back for numerous ailments (headaches, pain in muscles, allergies). This is a unique office but bottom line is they want to help you get better. And I appreciate that. I also refer all my friends and family members here. I have known at least 4 of them to go to Kang Fu and all have said good things.”
Christene K., Walnut Creek

“I was referred to Kang Fu Acupuncture over a year ago for treatment of fibroids. I was seeking an alternative to surgery. I am please to say that a year later I do not have to have surgery because the size of my fibroids are much smaller and less painful. Thanks to Kang Fu Acupuncture holistic approach to my healing. I highly recommend their services.”
Tamara S., Oakland, CA

“This is one of the best acupuncture clinics in the Bay Area. Dr Lai Fu Cai is a remarkable doctor and has always helped me in my healing. I have referred many clients to her and they have all been extremely satisfied with their treatments. You can trust you will get your health care needs met here regardless of the issues you are dealing with. I would give Dr Cai six stars without any hesitation.”
David K., Aptos, CA

“I had rather bad pain in my hips from an injury that persisted from the year prior. Completed about four visits and pain was gone…amazing considering I had suffered for a whole year, trying to relieve the pain by reducing exercise, doing yoga, receiving chiropractic, etc! I go back periodically for maintenance…I think acupuncture is the only way to go for maintaining your body and health.

Note that the Elder parents are first generation, a bit difficult to communicate with, but they’re sincere and knowledgable. True Acupuncturists. Business is run by personable son who is active in WC Lions Club.”

Vik I.

“I have been going to Kang Fu for over a year due to neuropathy issues. Dr. Cai has helped resolve serious health issues. She has always been kind and professional. I have referred my friends to Kang Fu. Dr. Cai has always been very attentive to correcting my health problems.”

Tim G.
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“This is one of the best acupuncture clinics in the Bay Area. Dr Lai Fu Cai is a remarkable doctor and has always helped me in my healing. I have referred many clients to her and they have all been extremely satisfied with their treatments. You can trust you will get your health care needs met here regardless of the issues you are dealing with. I would give Dr Cai six stars (out of 5) without any hesitation.”

David K.

“I went to Kang Fu Acupuncture a few years ago when they were in Fremont, CA for a back pain treatment after a car accident. Dr. Cai and Dr. Ma were very friendly and experienced. They patiently explained to me how they were going to treat me after their diagnosis of my back. I went back to see them for the subsequent few weeks. The result was surprisingly good. I have recommended a few friends to see them after that.”

Terry L.

“I can’t say enough good things about Kang Fu Center and Dr. Cai.  My FSH level, over 27,  excluded me from any fertility treatments that would use my own eggs.  After being treated by Dr. Cai for about five months, my FSH level was below seven.  My husband and I ended up being able to conceive naturally and anticipate our baby arriving in 2009.  I look forward to continuing with treatments in the future for any health issues that may arise.”

Sharon Chirila
Walnut Creek

“I highly recommend Dr. Cai for all women seeking infertility treatment. Acupuncture was a wonderful complement to enhance my fertility. I achieved pregnancy naturally within 2 months, and without having to undergo IVF. I’m pleased to say that I’m now in my third trimester and eagerly looking forward to delivering a healthy baby boy.”

Tracy Dalton

“The Kang Fu Center gave me my life back. Literally, I thought my life was over in June of 2004. I was only 45 years old and could not walk without a walker due to my back going out. With the efforts of Dr. Cai at the Kang Fu Center, I was walking within 3 days after being in bed for 4 weeks on my back. I can not thank the Kang Fu Center enough for helping me to get my life back to where it was before. I’m now walking and doing all of the normal activities I did before my back problem – Thank you Kang Fu Center!”

Pam Bustos

“I would like to highly recommend Kang Fu Acupuncture Clinic. I am a Medical Social Worker in a reputable Northern Californian Hospital and have been helped greatly in the last two years by these MD’s from China who are clearly Masters in their field.

Not only do Dr. Cai and Dr. Ma apply their knowledge of Allopathic Medicine , they combine this with their Chinese Traditional Medicine Practice. A perfect Synthesis! I will continue to return to this Clinic as well as refer others in need.”

Annette Johnson MSW

” I have relied upon Dr. Cai & Dr. Ma of the Kang Fu Center many of times over the past 16 years in dealing with a number of medical issues. Most recently, I injured by back and was diagnosed with a bulging disk – L5/S1. I am 51 years old and have always led a very active lifestyle. I was in pain from the time I arose in the morning until I retired at night. Sitting was very painful and driving was the worst. After my first and each subsequent visits to see Dr. Cai, I experienced immediate pain relief. Each time I have returned, I walked away feeling better with more freedom of movement and less pain. On of the best parts of my recovery has been that the treatments with Dr. Cai & Dr. Ma are non-evasive. After 2-1/2 months, I am well on the road to a pain free back and will be able to resume a full and active life including softball, golf and backpacking.”

David P. Darlington

” I met Dr. Cai 16 years ago. At that time I suffered from chronic sinus infections and headaches. With the use of regular acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs prescribed by Dr. Cai, I can attest to the fact that I now only have sinus colds during the winter months.”

“In conclusion I’d like to say that Chinese medicine is so easy and effective to use that Dr. Cai has taken care ao all of my health needs for the last 16 years. I visit Kaiser for yearly tests or x-rays as needed. As a believer in holistic health I am so happy to have found such an excellent acupuncturist and herbalist.”

Louise Anderson
Elementary School Teacher

” When it comes to treatment for infertility I highly recommend seeking treatment from Dr. Cai at Kang Fu Acupuncture. I have been a patient of Dr. Cai’s for a year now. Acupuncture was the perfect treatment for me to supplement my nutrition, mind, body, and spirit while undergoing in-vitro fertilization for the third and most successful time. Dr. Cai’s expertise and loving care assisted in helping me to reach my dreams of carrying and delivering a very healthy baby girl. She arrived in July of 2006.”

Tricia Grant

“I’ve been going to Kang Fu for over 20 years for low back pain treatment as well as other ailments. Dr. Cai is the best practitioner you can find in the Bay Area. She takes time to diagnose your symptom before proceeding with acupuncture.”

W. Young