Are there Limits to Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture?

Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture are effective, but cannot solve all problems. Acute, life threatening conditions should be handled by qualified Western medical doctors.

How to Choose an Acupuncturist

The Medical Board of California has granted licenses to qualified acupuncturists for more than 20 years. Always look for a copy of the license; the acupuncturist should clearly display it. Licensed practitioners complete two years of pre-medical education, three years at an approved or certified college of Oriental Medicine, and they must pass a rigorous written and practical examination by the California Acupuncture Committee. The California Acupuncture Association can help you locate a qualified acupuncturist.
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Do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask about a practitioner’s experience with conditions such as yours. Find out which therapies they will use. Good practitioners know their limitations and will refer you to qualified colleagues.

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